Overall data
Contest type: Progressive
Contestant type: Teams, Single
Access type: Public
Registration type: Free registration
Levels: 6
Accepted limit: 28
Accepted by levels: 4
Points by problem: 2520
Programming languages: C   C#   C++   Java   Pascal   Perl   PHP   Python   Ruby   Text  
Show problems to all: Yes
Show judgments to the contestants: Yes
Show judgments to all: Yes
Show standings to the contestants: Yes
Show standings to all: Yes
Show statistics to the contestants: Yes
Show statistics to all: Yes
Gold medals: 4
Silver medals: 4
Bronze medals: 4
Specific rules This is a new style of contest that we are showing to you. The challenge is as follows:
  • The problems are divided by difficulty levels, and in the begining you only have access to the first level of problems.
  • In order to gain access to the next level of problems, you must solve a specific number of problems from the current level (defined by the ContestSetter).
  • Not all levels require the same amount of problems, and, of course, we design each level to be more challenging than the last one.
About the ranking of the contest...
  • No will have penalty time for rejected submissions.
  • No will have (less or more) points by solve any problem after or before another user.
  • Users that have solved one problem, they gain the same points for them. The gained points are in this form: TPOINTS / USERS where TPOINTS is the Total Point defined for all the problems in the contest and USERS are those users that have solved the problem in question. Note that when new users solve the problem, the points gained will go decreasing.
  • If two users have the same points in the ranking, the user who has solved her problems before the other user must be in a high rank.
For this Contest we have six levels of problems, and you need to solve four problems from each one to pass to the next level. On the other hand, you only need to solve 28 problems in the entire contest to see all the problems in all the levels .

Problems by levels:
  • Level 1 : 8 problems.
  • Level 2 : 7 problems.
  • Level 3 : 6 problems.
  • Level 4 : 5 problems.
  • Level 5 : 4 problems.
  • Level 6 : 3 problems.
Can you get to the last level?

We hope that you enjoy it very much!!!
Thank you and have fun!

Please, any bug that you found during the execution of the contest, write it in this thread [http://coj-forum.uci.cu/viewtopic.php?f=18&t=48] to fix it promptly.
COJ Development Team (CDEVT).