The COJ Development Team (CDEVT) doesn't have strict rules for the behavior or conduct of its users. However, there are some general rules that must be followed, of course:

  1. Do not try to affect the proper functioning of the COJ, do not test the internal workings of the system. Access to the memory and file system are constantly monitored and controlled. Your programs should only interact with the console for the problems with the standard input and output (never with input and output data files).
  2. Do not create multiple accounts on the system. Use the application to recover the password if it was forgetted. Please, do not hesitate for contact us if you have any problem.
  3. Please, use real information to complete/update your registration/profile (not selects countries or institutions to which you do not belong). The e-mail address provided at the registration will be validated before you can access the system, although, of course, you may always choose to show this information to the public or not.
  4. When you are in individual contests, do not talk about problems with other contestants. Be aware and make use of ethics, you should program your own solutions for the problems. If the contest is a team competition, discuss the tasks only with your teammates. Do not publish accepted solutions in the COJ forum, read the forum rules before posting any content.
  5. In the 24 hour archive, do not use somebody else's solutions on your behalf. It's unethical, and affects the prestige of our team. Detected users (cheaters) can be disabled temporarily (between three to twelve months) or permanently from the COJ. Their cheat submissions can be disabled permanently in the system (losing the points earned by them). In both cases, the account are BLOCKED during the period selected by the CDEVT and reported to the user community for the information of all. You can help to catch/avoid these bad behaviors too.
  6. You can use the public problems of our archive in any type of competition (local or hosted on the Internet). We do not have any type of restrictive policy on the matter, provided that you agree to reference the original source of the used problems (SPOJ, TIMUS, COJ, etc.) and/or its author(s). Please, do not hesitate for contact us if you want to publish your own problems or hold any type of programming contests in our system.
  7. Your accepted solutions will be visible to other users who have already accepted the same problem. This is, when you lock your solutions for any problem, then you will be able to see the solutions sent by other users to this problem. From that moment on, any SubmissionJudge you make to this problem will be judged by the system, but will not show up in the Best Solutions table. This action is irreversible.
  8. Do not insult other participants and administrators, try to be polite and pleasant to communicate with them.

Finally, you should always keep in mind the COJ Main Goals, which are:
Provide a space where people of the world can: exchange experiences and knowledge; test, improve and share skills on problem-solving, computer programming and teamwork; train to participate in programming competitions (ACM-ICPC, IOI, TopCoder, Codeforces and others).